2021 Season

This page lists our 2021 performances. See our upcoming events page for events to look forward to!

  • In May, we reprised the Gender-Swapped Star Trek: episode “Mirror Mirror”, over Zoom. (We had earlier streamed this live for the Arisia science-fiction convention in January.)
  • Our Summer mystery shows, typically performed all together as an anthology before a live audience, are instead being streamed once a month for an extended Summer of Mystery.
    • In June, we streamed Vera Wolfe in The Case of the Slaughtered Mrs. Claus. Someone is killing women dressed up as Mrs. Claus, and it’s up to Vera Wolfe and her right hand woman Audrey Goodwin to save Mrs. Claus before Christmas!
    • In July, we streamed Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, one of only two adventures to feature Sherlock’s older, smarter brother Mycroft. Holmes and Watson investigate the theft of the plans of England’s greatest naval weapon, the Bruce-Partington submarine!
    • In August, we streamed Lady Molly of Scotland Yard in The Fordwych Castle Mystery. Lady Molly and Mary return to the PMRP Summer Mysteries to investigate a gruesome murder at Fordwyche Castle.
  • Our Halloween show was Plan 9 from Outer Space, featuring a radio-drama adaptation by Michael McAfee of that acclaimed pinnacle of the cinematic œuvre, along with an original prequel, “Plan 8 from the Outer Ether”, by Brian Rust. (This show was originally scheduled for Spring 2020, but the pandemic altered those plans. We were delighted to be able to finally bring it to the stage!)