“Mirror Mirror” reprise

On Saturday, May 22, 2021, we reprised the Gender-Swapped Star Trek: episode we performed at the Arisia science-fiction convention in January, “Mirror Mirror”, over Zoom. In our adaptation of this Original Series episode, a transporter malfunction sends Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura into a parallel universe in which the Federation is replaced by an evil empire, promotion occurs through assassination, and everything seems changed on the Enterprise...for the worse! How will our heroes get back to their own timeline?

We’ll be streaming this LIVE at 8pm on PMRP's YouTube channel! We hope you can join us!


Saturday, May 22, 2021, @ 8:00pm

You can find us via PMRP's YouTube channel.


Capt. Kirk ..... Karen Sarao
Ms. Spock ..... Adria Kyne
Dr. McCoy ..... Liz Salazar
Ms. Scott ..... Catherine Bromberg
Lt. Uhura ..... Michael Lewis
Lt. Sulu ..... Jamie Lin
Ens. Chekov ..... Caitlin Mason
..... Rosalind Martin
Ms. Kyle/
..... Tori Tea Queeno
Malcolm ..... Andy Hicks
Foley Artist ..... Michael Lin
Original Script ..... Jerome Bixby
Adapted by ..... ???
Director ..... Mindy Klenoff
Stage Manager ..... Meg Wickham
Producer ..... Caitlin Mason
Producer ..... Karen Sarao
Sound Designer ..... Brad Smith ???