The King in Yellow at Boskone 61

Friday, February 9th, 2024, at 8:30pm, as part of the Boskone 61 science-fiction convention.

At Boskone 61, at 8:30pm on Friday, February 9th, the Post Meridian Radio Players are proud to reprise our original audio drama, “The King in Yellow”, originally performed in October 2023 as part of our Halloween show!

In Hannah Baker and Pooja Usgaonkar’s original horror-comedy The King in Yellow, a local community theater comes together to put on The King in Yellow, a notorious play of mysterious provenance that is rumored to drive its readers mad. As production continues, mishaps pile up, and tensions among the cast and crew come to a boil, but is it just bad luck, or something more sinister? The eponymous play was imagined by horror writer Robert W. Chambers in the 1890s for his book of short stories of the same title, and then incorporated by later writers into the Cthulhu Mythos.

This audio play will be presented on stage in the style of old-time radio with actors in front of microphones and sound effects performed live by our talented Foley artists! Admission is included with your Boskone membership.

Cast and Crew

The King in Yellow

Directed by Hannah Baker
Written by Hannah Baker and Pooja Usgaonkar
Based on the stories by Robert W. Chambers

The Director ..... Sara Dion
The Technical Director ..... Chloe Melville
The Stage Manager ..... Elizabeth Ross
Connie ..... Mollie Bourne
Louis ..... Elijah Baker
Alec ..... Patrick Neal
Foley Artists ..... Simone Agha
Amelia Smith
Masks ..... Elizabeth Ross


Producer ..... Pooja Usgaonkar
Stage Manager ..... Jaclyn Wilson
Foley Coordinator ..... Simone Agha
Sound Engineer ..... Ray Zaslow
Sound Board Op ..... Hannah Baker
Graphic Designer ..... Pooja Usgaonkar
Sound Designer ..... Chloe Melville
Jeremy Holstein