The Thirteenth Mystery

May 14th and 15th, 2024
Two weekends, July 19th-28th, in Davis Square and Watertown

The PMRP Summer Mysteries return with The Thirteenth Mystery! Three mystery audio dramas performed live:
  • We recreate a classic episode of Lux Radio Theater, The Thin Man, written by George Wells and Sanford Barnett, adapted by Jeremy Holstein!
  • The gentleman thief Arsène Lupin returns in the new adaptation by Michael Lin, The Black Pearl!
  • And we present Trifles, by Susan Glaspell, adapted for audio drama by Phoebe Roberts!

Lux Radio Theater Presents The Thin Man

written by George Wells and Sanford Barnett, adapted and directed by Jeremy Holstein

A recreation of the Lux Radio Theater’s broadcast from 1936! Nick and Nora Charles are urbane and witty newlyweds who both enjoy a good party, or an even better martini. They find themselves swept up in the mysterious disappearance of scientist Clyde Wynant, whether they like it or not. An adaptation of the famous novel by Dashell Hammett, which introduced the “married couple as sleuths” genre. Guest starring Asta the dog.

Arsène Lupin in The Black Pearl

by Maurice Leblanc, adapted by Michael Lin. Directed by Jamie Lin (with Jeremy Holstein)

Léontine Zalti was once immensely rich, but today nothing is left of her immense fortune save for one black pearl. This is a challenge that gentleman thief Arsène Lupin cannot resist.


by Susan Glaspell, adapted by Phoebe Roberts and directed by Hannah Baker

In our adaptation of this 1916 feminist play, loosely based on true events, Minnie Wright has been arrested for strangling her husband while he slept. As the sheriff and county attorney scour Minnie’s house for evidence, Mrs. Peters the sheriff’s wife and her friend Mrs. Hale take care of packing up a few things in the kitchen. They find some pretty interesting items there — but it's probably nothing, just women’s trifles, right?