Come see Riddle of the Super Sleuths!

The PMRP Summer Mysteries return this July 21-23 with Riddle of the Super Sleuths! Three new mystery audio dramas performed live, featuring three detectives (or their villains!), hosted by Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. You can buy tickets in advance or reserve a seat and pay at the door on our Tickets page, or learn more about the show on its event page.

Important: We will be requiring masks and proof of COVID vaccination at the door.

  • The gentleman thief Arsène Lupin returns in the new adaptation by Michael Lin, The Seven of Hearts!
  • Doctor Watson and Inspector Lestrade investigate a locked-room mystery for Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Sleeping Cardinal, an original play by Jeremy Holstein!
  • And an original mystery by Phoebe Roberts, The Lost Days of Mrs. Neele!

There will be four performances on July 21-23, 2022 — evening performances on all three days, with a matinée as well on Saturday the 23d.

Auditions — Riddle of the Super Sleuths!

Come audition for us as the PMRP Summer Mysteries return with Riddle of the Super Sleuths, with three mystery audio dramas performed live, featuring

  • Arsène Lupin in the new adaptation by Michael Lin, “The Seven of Hearts”,
  • Doctor Watson and Inspector Lestrade investigating a mystery for Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the Sleeping Cardinal”, an original play by Jeremy Holstein, and
  • an original mystery by Phoebe Roberts, “The Lost Days of Mrs. Neele”!

Auditions (for both voice and Foley roles) will be May 23–24 (this month, so sign up now!) near Davis Square, with performances July 21–23. Find out more about the audition process, see what roles are available, and sign up for an audition slot!

PMRP Presents Sherlock Holmes in the Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans

On Saturday, February 19, PMRP will be presenting Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock Holmes in the Adventure of the Bruce Partington Plans” at Boskone 59. A Boskone membership is needed to attend or view the performance, which will be presented in person in the hotel (in the Harbor I room) and streamed over Boskone’s streaming service for virtual con attendees.

In this performance, Sherlock's brother Mycroft hires Holmes and Watson to investigate a crime that threatens the security both of the crown and of England! Starring Andrew Harrington as Sherlock Holmes and Chris Chiampa as Doctor Watson, in a new adaptation by Jeremy Holstein. See this page for additional credits.

The City on the Edge of Forever

Tonight, Feb. 11, at 9:30pm, we will perform our gender-swapped adaptation of the classic Star Trek episode “City on the Edge of Forever” over Zoom. In this episode, originally written by sci-fi icon Harlan Ellison, Captain Jane T. Kirk and Ms. Spock must follow a delirious Dr. McCoy into the 1930s before she can alter the course of history. Will Kirk make the necessary sacrifice to save the past and secure the future?

We’ll be streaming this LIVE at 9:30pm at this link on PMRP's YouTube channel! We hope you can join us!

(For performance credits, Read more here.)

Tickets and reservations available for Plan 9 from Outer Space, with Plan 8 from the Outer Ether!

Tickets and reservations are now available for our Halloween show! Not only will we be adapting the horrifying — in at least one way — classic Ed Wood film “Plan 9 from Outer Space”, but we’ll be pairing it with an original prequel fiasco, “Plan 8 from the Outer Ether”! And we’re so excited to be able to do a show in person again! (Masks and proof of vaccination will be required for the audience; all cast and crew are fully vaccinated and house crew will be masked.)

Performances are October 28th, 29th, and 30th (with two performances on the 30th). Our Tickets page has links to buy tickets online, or reserve seats and pay at the door, and further information about COVID precautions. You can also learn more about the show here, and of course please make sure to add us to your calendar! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Streaming August 27 and 28: Lady Molly in The Fordwych Castle Murder

For the final installment in our The Summer of Mystery, we present Lady Molly of Scotland Yard and Mary in an adaptation by an adaptation by Jeremy Holstein and Liz Salazar of “The Fordwych Castle Mystery”, by Baroness Emmuska Orczy

In this adventure, Lady Molly and Mary are called in to solve the brutal murder of an Indian woman at Fordwych Castle. A long hidden family secret will soon be revealed!

Our show will stream on YouTube on Friday, August 27, and Saturday, August 28, both at 8pm. The stream is free to view, but we'd love it if you’d make a donation so we can keep producing these shows.

(Baroness Orczy is best known as the author of The Scarlet Pimpernel, which we adapted in 2015 as part of our Spring Adventure Specatacular).

Sherlock Holmes streaming THIS THURSDAY AND SATURDAY at 8pm!

England's greatest secrets have been stolen! Mycroft Holmes hires his brother Sherlock and Doctor Watson to recover the secret plans and restore security to the state in PMRP’s original adaptation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic.

This weekend brings the second installment of our Summer of Mystery: we present Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, streaming on YouTube this Thursday the 29th and Saturday the 31st, both at 8pm! (Note that there is no Friday performance.) Don't miss it, and please consider making a donation so that we can keep bringing you radio drama!

PMRP’s Summer of Mystery

The Post-Meridian Radio Players are proud to present The Summer of Mystery! Three free Zoom performances, streaming on PMRP's YouTube channel the last weekends in June, July and August!

First up on June 25 and 26 is Vera Wolfe in The Case of the Slaughtered Mrs. Claus! Someone is killing women dressed up as Mrs. Claus, and it’s up to Vera Wolfe and her right hand woman Audrey Goodwin to save Mrs. Claus before Christmas!

You can read more about Vera Wolfe’s adventure here or find out more about the July and August shows on the Summer of Mystery page

“Mirror Mirror” reprise

On PMRP's YouTube channel, we reprised the Gender-Swapped Star Trek: episode we performed at the Arisia science-fiction convention in January, “Mirror Mirror”, live on YouTube. In our adaptation of this Original Series episode, a transporter malfunction sends Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura into a parallel universe in which the Federation is replaced by an evil empire, promotion occurs through assassination, and everything seems changed on the Enterprise...for the worse! How will our heroes get back to their own timeline?

You can find us via PMRP's YouTube channel or learn more about the performance on its event page here.


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